Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are moles ugly?

I have a lot of moles, accumulating more than 20! Thankfully, they aren't hairy and they don't pop-out. All the moles that I have are flat and small like full-stops or dots.

Do i sound scary? My friends think that I'm thinking too much about my moles. They did commented that I have a lot of moles but they told me that usually they don't notice the moles until I pointed out to them.

Are moles ugly?
Well, it depends.

For example I have MANY moles, especially on my arms.

Some months ago we had a really boring lesson in class, so for fun, my best friend counted the moles on my arms.

3O MOLES! But they are in varies places i my arms (they look exactly like what you described) and I truely LOVE my moles and see it really femanin for a girl to have qute moles like yours.

So, I see them lovely, don't worry! : D
Reply:I've got a mole on my face, just like that of Enrique Iglesias. I think they look good on me. One should not bother about once moles... just consider them as beauty marks. Report It

Reply:They have Mole poison at the hardware store......hehehehe
Reply:As long as they aren't on your face, you are fine. I am quite moley and quite cute.
Reply:Don't consider them moles, call them beauty marks! :)
Reply:Moles make a woman lucky
Reply:YES, luv.
Reply:moles are pretty gross but i cant really say anything because i have some too.

but your friends are right moles aren't really that noticeable unless they are huge.

so don't worry about it too much.
Reply:moles on the face make a person pettier in some cases.
Reply:Depends on size, protrusion, and proximity.

For a girl, one above the lip to either side, just looks good. I don't know why.
Reply:people's actions can be ugly. the way god designed is never ugly. have the moles checked by a dermatologist. learn to accept yourself.
Reply:no DONT TRIP OFF YOUR MOLES AND tell other people to get a life if they say anything, i have moles and my mom does and we are both comfortable with it and i used to get teased but i stopped thinkin about it and they did too. its something you have to be able to deal with first if you have to go stand in a mirror for an hour looking at your moles and just go on with your life, it shouldnt be a molelife crisis lol.
Reply:You can have them removed if they bother you
Reply:if u have alot of them then hell yeah
Reply:Two moles on your face isn't even that bad. Some people look hot with moles. Enrique Iglesias, Cindy Crawford, Eva just depends on how you present yourself as a whole. Don't mention your moles to people or point it out.
Reply:Beauty marks are small and moles are large. usually fairer skinned people tend to have more moles than say darker complected ones. I've got about 37 moles/ beauty mark so don't fret they add character to ones body.
Reply:oh, please. you're thinking way too hard on that. for one, they're not moles, they're beauty marks. lol so the more you have of them the prettier you are. and btw, I wouldn't be talking. I have just about a zillion, more than two on my face. and also by the way, if they're small and flat then you really are paranoid! sorry to be so harsh. and moles aren't ugly at all. I know a bunch of people who have far more than 20 and they're all beautiful!

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