Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've got Moles i really want to get removed but there are complications?

Ok so I’ve got Tons of Moles all over my body, mainly on my back and some on my chest and stomach. I am not sure how many exactly but i am going to guess at least 20 are on my back. Most are the size of Pencil erasers and i got 2 on my back close to the size of a penny and another on my lower back and chest that are almost as big. I’ve always been embarrassed about them when ever i would go swimming like at the beach or at a pool. I would always swim with my shirt on and people would always ask why. I of course want to get them removed and recently my mom took me to a dermatologist’s office to see about them. And the Dermatologist would only remove 2 that she thought "Might" be Cancerous, those would be covered by my Insurance which i think is Empire Blue Cross. Also if it matters i live in New York. My older sister has a mole right above her ear and when she brushes her hair it always hurts and she can't get a doctor to say "It’s dangerous". In Both her and my case we want to get Moles removed ( I want to get A lot removed at least 20) but if we want to simply get moles removed we were told EACH mole would cost roughly $200 and we don’t have that kind of money. Also my mom told be back about 13 or 14 years ago when I was little and my family was living in Virginia she went and had 10 moles removed I think she said from her face and she said it MUST have been covered by insurance. I’ve never had moles removed before but I know the process and from what I know the stuff they use doesn’t at the most more then a few dollars maybe less and they are massively over pricing the service. I’d prefer an expert to do this because I’ve read here that people got their moles removed from non-experts and they left bad scars while those who mention a dermatologist or plastic surgeon removed theirs they left little to no scar at all. Is there an effective non crazy expensive way to get moles removed without having to go through a whole lot of Stupid Financial stuff?

Thank you I appreciate all the help you can give me

I've got Moles i really want to get removed but there are complications?
What you want of course, is to have insurance pay to remove as many moles as possible. You have to talk to a doctor. You have to tell the doctor that these moles are causing you psychological distress. That is also a valid reason for wanting them removed, aside from the standard "possible cancer" reason. Tell your doctor you want these moles removed and that you are having emotional %26amp; self-esteem issues due to the moles. He may be able to write a prescription for removal of the moles citing "psychological reasons" for removal. It's definitely worth trying.
Reply:You are going to want to go to a licensed professional. Thats the first and most important thing. Secondly, your insurance will not cover moles that are not considered dangerous because they consider this plastic surgery. Now, I know that you wan to have them done and it will make you feel better about yourself... but also think about the people getting lypo, breast implants and so on... if insurance was to cover all of this, then our rates as a whole would be much higher. I have a blemish on my face (so be lucky that its your back) and Ive just learned to live with it... it did not stop me from getting a good job, going to school, having great friends and a gorgeous husband. Be happy with who you are and others will see the beauty you truly are.

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