Thursday, May 7, 2009


i have had a couple on the back of my neck for a long time. but recently i have had a little one grow on the side of my neck and one on my back. they are light brown. what could cause this?

Moles come and go. New ones that grow larger than a pencil eraser, are black in color, have irregular borders, bleed or become scaly may be problematic and should be checked out. It's good that you're keeping track of them. You might want to have a baseline exam by a dermatologist, so any changes can be monitored.
Reply:causation is not the really important issue.

the fact that you have perceived skin changes is very important and a warning to see a doctor, probably a board certified dermatologist, experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

everybody should get a complete (and i mean COMPLETE) skin check once a year. it is particularly important for people who have experienced sunburn, especially at a young age.

most skin cancers are easy to treat if caught early.
Reply:you may need to see a doctor for growing moles..if they are very dark and in odd may have to have them removed.

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