Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting moles removed?

Ok so I have had a mole cut out before and the stitches fell out and it made a bad scar, however its on my hip where no one can see it so I don't care. I had a second mole frozen off on my scalp which I couldn't see.

I went to a different doctor the other day and asked if I could get some moles removed and he didn't say much, and I said can I get them burned off or anything and he told me I can only get moles cut out. Now I have both flat moles and some moles that stick out, colour is brown or 10 are pinky brown. I have alot of moles really. But I thought it was possible to get these burned off, frozen off or there were other methods, not just one option of getting them cut out, I know they want to test them though.

I don't care having a little mark left, but I just want the best option, and have at least 2 moles removed. So what you think?

Getting moles removed?
you can have them frozen off, but doctors are reluctant to do it because, whilst you can no longer see the mole, the roots are still in your skin and if they developed into a melanoma, it is less likely to be picked up and treated in time. the doctors want to cut them out to cover their own behinds.
Reply:I would say that your doctors know more about your particular moles than any of us on this website. However if you are inquiring about the methods that we have experienced I will try to answer the question.

I have never had a mole cut out...but I have had warts or moles, (not sure what their medical term was for them) burned off in the doctors office. It did not hurt, just a slight stinging sensation once it started to freeze. It took about a week for the area to dry, then heal...really quite simple.l
Reply:Your doctor is entirely wrong and obviously not up to date...!

Moles can be removed by laser and this procedure is done daily in laser clinics, I assure you. If your family doctor advises it, your insurance company will probably pay for it. It is a cosmetic surgery and most insurance companies will not pay unless a doctor relates a potential danger related to the mole...

You will be told of a possibility for a mold to return but I have yet to find one doing so. I personally have had three removed from my face and one was on my eyebrow and very large. Several years have passed with no re-growth...

The cost varies from one clinic to another but you can expect to pay as much as a hundred dollars for each mold laser removed, I am sure. The remaining scar tissue is so fine that it is not noticed at all by onlookers...

Good luck...
Reply:I am a rather mole-y person and have had many removed. Normally, the method doctors prefer/recommend is excision (cutting them out) because they should always be sent for testing to make sure they are not cancerous. I had one excised several years ago that looked normal; however, when it came back from testing it was melanoma. I wound up having to undergo major surgery to make sure all of the cancerous tissue had been removed.

I suspect the reason the spot on your head was burned off is because there's not a lot of tissue for the doctor to "scoop" out. Plus, heads are very vascular, meaning it bleeds very easily. If the mole looked normal and wasn't causing any problems, that is probably why is was just frozen off.

Of course, I'm not a doctor, but if it were me, I would rather have the moles cut off/out. Even if they are cut out, you will probably only be left with a little scar/mark once the tissue has healed. Better safe than sorry b/c melanoma is a very serious and deadly form of cancer.


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