Thursday, May 7, 2009


is there any way you can get rid of moles on your body without having it surgically removed?

Reply:No. Unless its always been there, you should get it checked out by the Doctor as can be a sign of skin cancer.
Reply:not really just cover it with foundation if it bothers you that much but theres nothing wrong with having moles anyway. if it hurts or is a funny colour you need it looking at by your doctor thou
Reply:I wouldn't advise you to try that.It needs to be done by a professional as it can be dangerous tampering with them.Moles can turn cancerous.
Reply:No. They have to be surgically removed or burned off! Getting them burned off is less painful and it works!!!! I once had 2 on my stomach and they were on the surface and I had them do the lazer on them and it was simple.
Reply:Furry little critters, hit them with a shovel.
Reply:No. Some people have more than others. I know because I am one of those people. Do watch for any changes in size and coloration. You may get some that turn into "skin tags" that may irritate you and those I would get burned off. It is an easy Dr.'s office procedure.
Reply:Yes, depending on size and exact position it may well be possible to remove them by either liquid nitrogen cautery, which you GP might do, or by laser by a dermatologist, though this might need to be done privately.
Reply:ok well Im really not advising you to do this but I had a mole on the side of my back and I just started picking it every other day for like four days and it disapeared I was so surprised

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