Thursday, May 7, 2009

Number of moles?

How many moles

a. of Fe are in 37.0 g of Fe?

b. of Kr are in 4.58 X 10^20 Kr atoms?

c. of NaIO3 are in 3.25 X 10^26 formula units of NaIO3?

d. of N2O4 are in 26.75g of N2O4?

e. of Na2SO4 * 10H2O are in 8.99 X 10^24 formula units of Na2SO4?

f. of C9H8O4 are in 0.324g of C9H8O4?

I got the following answers and am wondering if they are correct:

a. 0.662 mole

b. 0.001 mole

c. 540 moles

d. 0.2907 mole

e. 14.9 moles

f. 0.002 mole

Thanks for taking the time to help me!

Number of moles?
If you divided the number of grams of substance by its molar mass, you got it right. I just don't want to look up if they're actually right.

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