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What are ppl's opinion of moles or beauty spots?

Do ppl like them or not? I have tons and hate them!! esp on my face. I've heard you can get them removed??

I've got a few but I don't tend to think about them, they are just part of me and I like them :) I've got a couple of little ones on my face, and a few others about the place.

Moles would never put me off a person, they are just something that is there - doesn't bother me at all :) Some people have cute ones too.

You can have them removed, if you feel your moles are upsetting you, you should talk to your doctor. It is unlikely that you would be able to have your moles removed on the NHS, so would have to go private. Your doctor would be able to advise you on how to proceed with private surgery.

Moles are usually surgically removed using one of the following methods:

~Excision (cutting out the mole), sometimes with stitches, or ~Excision with cauterisation (a tool is used to 'burn' away the mole). Whether you have stitches or not depends on how big and d
Reply:Like them, make people individual.
Reply:If they are small moles they dont look bad but is a big one you can get it laser removed.
Reply:I don't have any but it certainly doesn't bother me to see them on other people!

Never did Cindy Crawford any harm... and I'm sure you look fine.
Reply:i have them too and many freckles...makes me special
Reply:you can get moles removed, but some are cancerous, so its kind of dangerous. Dont worry, moles can be very beautiful....dont try to change who you are....:) its what makes you unique
Reply:Moles can be annoying, yes, especially on your space. You know moles are actually harmless cancer? This means you must NOT pick them or squeeze them as then they can develop into harmful cancer. There's not a lot you can do about them really and no one really notices them, so don't worry. Yes, it is possible to get them removed but it's really expensive and leaves permenant scarring which can look even worse.
Reply:Yes you can have them removed .My friend had one on her top lip and she had it remove.Because she kept on catching it.
Reply:Moles, like people are individual. It would be a sad world if we all looked the same. Keep them. Call them beauty spots.
Reply:Hi, do you know what i dont care about moles, but i have heard if they change colour or grow then they could be cancerous and you may need them to be removed. I dont care about moles.
Reply:i dont have moles but i have tons of beauty marks on my face....i dont really care for them i have gotten used to them so i dont really notice them anymore.............
Reply:i have one on my face

and i've thought about

removing it but then i decided not to

its who you are and it prolly bugs

but who cares ..? people even try

making some fake ones like under

their eye and stuff !
Reply:I know what u mean, when i was young i realised what they were and all day i covered them up, but they make each one of us unique, i have had new ones comes up from the soon which is really annoying, but i think they r freckles as they are on my shoulder, i have freckles on my face but the ycan be removed, but why go through the trouble, i would love to get rid of myn but after that i would be complainning about something else about me, its best not to and deal with them.
Reply:I had one took off 4 weeks ago on my face. It took 10 minutes for the whole procedure. Local anaesthetic and little flesh coloured dressing for two days and now you can't tell there was anything there in the first place! Wish I had done it years ago!

I had it done on the n.h.s
Reply:Ooh don't remove them!!! I have one above my lip, which I detested til I was 21, when I fell in love with a man who simply adored it, and made me adore it. They're as part of you as anything. I don't see mine anymore, thery're as much a part of me as say my eyes, or my nose ... To me, its far more beautiful to have a few beauty spots than it is to have a few pitted scars where they've been removed...

Reply:I don't have any on my face (thank god) but I do have about twenty per limb of varying sizes and more all over my back. I don't like them at all but I don't think it's worth paying to have them removed. Although if I was rich, I'd probably get rid of some. Whether you have any removed or not is up to you but if you haven't really got the money, I would suggest you learn to live with them - I did. :)
Reply:Unless the moles are really bothering you, or the color or shape is odd, don't have them removed. The one thing about moles is sometimes they can be cancerous. You can usually tell by the color changing or the shape changing or having an irregular border. Those types of moles you'd want to get checked out by a doctor.
Reply:no they are scabby, get rid!
Reply:i am not a fan of them either i had one on my face that really bothered me when i was a teenager and had it surgically removed now i have a little indention/scar in its place

i don't care for it either but, its better.

on the other hand my children have quite a few that i feel a little concerned about but, mostly i think there adorable.

Yes i too have quite a few on my face and all over my body. (Annoyingly my brother and sister have none so i seemed to have gotten everyones share!!)

If they change shape or colour you MUST get them checked out as this can be a sign of skin cancer. Although not always as some of mine have changed and my doctor said theyre fine but better to be safe than sorry!

I absolutely detest mine so i went to see the doctor about having some of the more prominent ones removed and this is what she said....

If they are slightly raised or fleshly then your in luck as you can have the nurse freeze them off with liquid nitrogen by the nhs (i had mine done the same day as it only takes a couple of minutes.) I had this done to about 4 on my back and now they are completely gone with a very slight fade mark where they once were which will fade more with time. You will need to go back a couple of times till they are completely gone.

If they are normal flat moles then it might be a bit trickier unless you can convince your doc that they are problematic (like situation on lip or something) or if they have turned funny colour or something then she said they don't tend to remove them for cosmetic reasons as you will just end up with a scar/hole and especially if you have lots then you could end up looking worse. Trust me i tried and tried to convince my doctor!

Obviously all doctors are different and yours might say go ahead but if you really really hate them then if you were to go private theyll get rid of them - they want your money after all!

I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here cos i hate mine too but just try to learn to accept and maybe even like them as i think they probably don't lok half as bad to other people as we think they do. Im sure you look gorgeous with them and remember beauty comes from confidence so try to love them! Never did madonna or cindy any harm did they!
Reply:Don't like or dislike. I don't think you should get them removed if they are not in any way harmful to you. Learn to love them, I'm sure other folk don't notice them as much as you do yourself.
Reply:If you don't like your moles, DON'T WATCH AUSTIN POWER'S GOLDMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Don't get your moles removed, it costs alot for PAIN!!


Trust me on this, my friend in college had moles and she got them removed, she said it REALLY hurt.

My daughter has a mole on her cheek and told her about my friend when she was complaining about it, she tries to cover it up with make up now and doesn't complain about it all!!!
Reply:I had 3 on my back removed, they were quite big, it took 4-5 years before scarring faded, so I suggest you think very carefully about ones on your face! Best to seek medical advice, you'll be told to leave alone unless they change size or consistency. Oh and be sure to wear lots of sunblock!
Reply:i have 1 by my lip .look at cindy crawford she done fine, they can be a nice feature. if you dont like them you can always get them lasered off . just be careful when in the sun ive got olive skin so i dont burn but always put factor on my mole.
Reply:I have alot as well but what you do have to be aware of is any change in them. I kept mine. They are part of me. I have a huge cluster of them on one of my legs which you can see if I wear a shorter skirt but I live with it
Reply:I like mine, but you probably could get it removed, because you can do everything else.
Reply:I have a few little'ns on my back n a biggun on my belly and my other half has two on her face but she is bootiful so i spose it does not bother me although i agree some can be unsightly.The problem is the Austin Powers film that brought the mole back into the limelight.

moley moley moley

Reply:I have freckles its amazing how many people say.they wish they had them.Beauty spots are lovely.


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