Monday, November 16, 2009

Birds bite moles?

While visiting the SF Zoo a few years ago - we went in to feed the Lorakeets. My boyfriend had one of them bite him on the neck - right where he had a mole. We got it to stop bleeding - and put a band-aid on it - and it was fine. He had that mole removed about a year later.

Last week we were at 6 Flags - and they had Lorakeets there. We went in to feed them - and our child's friend was bitten on her back - right where she had a mole.

Do Lorakeets or birds in general bite moles? Why? Do they think they are bugs or food or what? It was very odd that this happened TWICE.

Anybody else have this happen?

Birds bite moles?
It's pretty common on most birds. My lovebirds will pick at large beauty marks if they're not covered up (fiance has mole on head and if birds are preening his hair and find it they try to pull it off, he doesn't let them preen his hair much anymore, lol), or anything else that looks out of place on a person (earrings, ring, watch, one time a spot of food coloring on my hand that didn't wash off right away). It's just them exploring things, and in some cases, helping "groom" you if you have a close bond with the bird.
Reply:They think they are bugs!

I've had a chicken bite at a diamond ring before. Luckily it stayed in place!

We used to have ostriches. They would bite moles, freckles, BUTTONS, logos on your shirt, and even take off your glasses, pull your wallet out of your pocket, take the shovel......
Reply:I have said this many times in my posts. Birds main staple in the wild are INSECTS. Largely due to the high protein count in them. They don't see it as a mole or a birth mark or anything other then FOOD.

Birds DO NOT eat seeds in the wild. They eat insects and dead carcasses the vegetation and fruits. YES, dead animals, mainly the bones. They go for the bone marrow, which is why birds love chicken.

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