Friday, November 20, 2009

Lot of Moles on the Face, How to get rid of them?

I have lot of moles ( black ) on my face, but on the area on which i shave it is on upper side of cheeks , nose and forehead and yeah on body but not that much like on face( approx 250 moles on face). I have very fair color and soft and smooth skin probably sensitive too.How i get rid of these moles . I have changed my eating habits , took lots of fresh fruits and fiber but no cure. Please tell me.I went to doctor too but he suggested some cleanser or lotion( which i have to applied where i have moles on my face) which wiped out my original skin color at one place and i quit using it. so will you ppl guide me?

Lot of Moles on the Face, How to get rid of them?
1st make sure they are moles.if yes consult a doctor and if they are pimples or blackheads then i can help you.on my personal experience i can say do not use chemicals on ur doctor advised me some lotions and ointment and today my skin is as dead as a coconut shell.instead take a lot of water and avoid using creams.use some good face wash and apply home made face packs like apply honey and baesan.wash your face regularly and if u also have scars left on your face apply coconut might help did help me.
Reply:Your only option may be to have them surgically removed, if these are indeed moles. If these are blackheads, simply boil a pot of water and 'steam' your face for about 20 mins. The blackheads will become soft and can be scrubbed or squeezed out. I hope this helps
Reply:You need see Skin Doctor


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