Monday, November 16, 2009

Sudden growth of moles...?

Recently,I have one mole growing on my hand. It's the same as my other moles,bumpy and round and looks normal and is dark brown in colour. And after a few mths,another small mole on my finger grew and it was light brown in colour. Then I had another one growing on the edge of my toe,but when i used scissors to cut off the skin surface,the mole disappeared. What do these moles represent? And when I was small I had a mole on my feet but I cut it off and it has disappeared totally already...any suggestions? Im scared i might be

Sudden growth of moles...?
you should never cut off a mole yourself. it needs to be looked at. moles can be nothing at all or they can be some type of cancer. they probably aren't anything but obviously you are concerned, so i'd have em all checked out. the doctor can freeze them off - it doesn't hurt and is permanent.
Reply:I don't know much about moles, but I know they can be cancerous. If it worries you then you might want to get them checked out. Remember, look for any irregular borders or colours, and make it they don't grow.
Reply:i read that new moles are a sign of skin cancer

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