Monday, November 16, 2009

Moles calculations are these correct?

moles of SbCl3 formed when 4.00 mol Sb are reacted with 4.13 mol of Cl2 Sb + Cl2 --%26gt; SbCl3 is the answer (4.00 mol SbCl3)

3.94 moles of Si are produced how many moles of NaF are created Na2SiF6(s) + Na(s) --%26gt; Si(s) + NaF(s)

is this the answer (2.63 mol)

contain 12.1% carbon, 16.2 oxygen, and 71.7% chlorine by mass what is the empirical formula. I came up with this is this correct (CO2Cl2)

the molar mass for K2SO4 is it 126.27g/mol

molar mass for Ba(NO3)2 245.3 g/mol

empirical formula is CH2O with a molar mass of 60g/mol the molecular formula is it (C2HO2) is that the corect molecular formula.

2.52g of water contains how many molecules of water I came up with this 1.52 x 10^24 is that correct.

many moles of Al2O3 present in 67.2g of compound is this the right answer 1.52mol

Moles calculations are these correct?
2Sb + 3Cl2 --%26gt; 2SbCl3

4 moles of Sb requires 6 moles of Cl2; you have only 4.13 moles of Cl2 so Cl2 is the limiting reactant. Your answer is wrong.

Na2SiF6 + 4Na --%26gt; Si + 6NaF

Your answer is wrong.

CO2Cl2 is wrong.

126.27 is not the molar mass of K2SO4

245.5 is not the molar mass of Ba(NO3)2

C2HO2 is not even close.

1.52x10^24 is wrong.

1.52 mole is wrong.

Did you enter random answers hoping someone would give you the correct answers?

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