Friday, November 20, 2009

Facial mole removal ..Moles are painful?

I am a Black Woman whos's family trait is facial moles, the older I get the more I get and I hate it because some are painful. They are across my cheeks %26amp; side of my face, They are not bad I just want the raised ones and the ones that are too close together removed. But I am affraid of the ouctome will I scar? will I swell? I mean this is in my face under my eyes. They are painful when they grow in and when they are ready to fall off. I want to know has anyone ever expeience this and had the moles removed and which procedure will be the best for minimal scarring......Thanks

Facial mole removal ..Moles are painful?
my doctor removed a mold on the side of my neck the stitches will obviously show until they are removed but if you put Vaseline on your scar and stitches 2 times a day the scar will become softer and lighter until you cannot tell where you had a scar also your skin peels away and as you get new skin cells your scar will g back to almost your skin color but Vaseline makes a big difference
Reply:My sister had a large mole above her lip and over the years it got bigger. She went to a plastic surgeon who removed it with minimal pain and it has been about 7 months and you can't even see a scar. She put cream for scars on it when it was done healing. I think insurance will cover it too if it is causing you pain.
Reply:I have had moles removed and the pain is like a small bee sting and then it is cut away. There is still a mark but the raised parts are gone. I dont recall any swelling.

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